Start your online business with a great website

Entrepreneurs around the world are aiming for financial independence by starting their own online businesses. In today’s digital world, your business has to be online if you want it to succeed, but just being online isn’t enough anymore. You need a well-designed, professional website to showcase your business and to engage with your customers. 

Let’s look at the essentials of starting your own online business:

Do market research. Ask family members, colleagues and friends to start with, but that’s not enough. You need to understand the market fully to find out whether there is demand for your products or services. Apply common sense to determine what people need right now. A good way to start is to carry out surveys on social media and in forums to get a clear picture of the market demand. 

Create an effective marketing plan. When you’ve identified your market, it’s essential to communicate with them. Your marketing plan will explore where they hang out, what they’re looking for, the best media to engage with them and how to keep your profile highly visible. 

You’ll need to choose the right social platforms: Facebook is good for reaching directly to consumers, Instagram is great for fashion products, food and targeting specific trends and LinkedIn is a business platform so you’ll be looking at communicating directly with other businesses. If you have a younger market you might find platforms like TikTok useful and YouTube is always a good place to put content as many people use it in the same way as a search engine. 

Although it’s possible to do social media marketing without spending a penny, business owners will get better results by investing in online ads, such as on Facebook or Google. 

Get your website designed. Although social media has become an essential part in digital marketing, a functional website is essential. A website is your platform, where you can present your message exactly the way you want to.  

Organic traffic from search engines can be converted more easily into real customers, because they find your website when they are looking for specific products and services.  

How does an effective website benefit your business? 

Makes it easy to promote and sell. Online businesses can set their own rules when using a website. Marketers can attract new customers with valuable content, attractive presentation and compelling messages. Product photos and descriptions can be arranged in the best possible way to achieve the best results. 

Strengthens your online brand. A professionally designed website works to establish and strengthen your online brand. Facebook, Google, and Amazon are strong online brands that people remember. Business owners may achieve something similar in their local areas or market niches with the right web presence. 

More quality traffic. When your website is optimised for search engine traffic, you’ll get the people who are actively looking for what you offer visiting your site. Social media pages don’t figure highly on search engine results (although may appear when you search on someone’s name). Search engine traffic to a website is much easier to convert into long-term customers. 

Get expert help 

Make sure your website is professional – it will reflect on how your site visitor perceives you – as a professional they can trust or as an amateur that doesn’t look like they know what they’re doing! 

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