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If you are looking for a fresh, creative design that reflects your brand and creates a professional, up-to-date image, let’s talk. You’ll find our team are creative perfectionists, ready to do whatever it takes to make your organisation shine..

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Website redesign: Polish up your image

Already have a website? Our web designers in Essex can give your existing site a boost, by improving loading speed, optimising graphics, and adding a dash of personality. Contact us for a free evaluation to see how your website might benefit from a refresh.

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Simple, imaginative web design

Identify your brand goals

To get the creative juices start flowing we need to understand your brand, your values and objectives. To get your site to connect with your potential customers powerfully, we need to know about them too. This lays the groundwork for a website that makes a strong statement.

Build a detailed structure

This is the blueprint on which your website will be built. Before we begin any real design work, we’ll define your website’s scope and give you a glimpse of the embryo.

Content creation

Rather than fitting content into a design, your design is built around content. Your website message is powerful, so it’s important the words tell the story you want your visitors to hear.

The visuals

Finding the right images and colour combinations around your brand is essential to portray your organisation congruently. If you already have a brand image, that will be reflected in the visuals. If you’re starting from scratch, you can work with us to find the images that present you perfectly.

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Creative design

Websites that are difficult to navigate don’t stand a chance in today’s ruthless online world. Your visitor’s journey should be intuitive and seamless. The navigation plays a critical role in achieving that..


You need to impress visitors quickly. The best way to catch their eye is to incorporate clear, attention-grabbing graphics. Your site design will use images, graphics, videos, and other visual elements that turn attention into interest.

User engagement

Visitors shouldn’t just stop by your website – they should engage with it. Part of your design process is finding ways to encourage users to join your list, learn about your products, and get in touch with you.


Websites are a direct reflection of their brands – at least, they should be. Your personality and values will be mirrored in the design, marking your site uniquely yours.

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Why should you choose Foretell Digital design your website?

  • Every website is unique and will present your brand professionally and powerfully..
  • Your site is designed around your goals, not ours.
  • You’ll be kept in the loop at every – no one gets left out.
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Typically, we estimate about three months from the initial evaluation to the launch of your new website. This could take longer depending on the scope of the project; you’ll get a timeline when we are in the initial planning stage.

Every website we design is cultivated to rank well with popular search engines. Your site will use the latest SEO trends and tactics, especially when it comes to website building.

Yes. With secure servers your site can include a shopping cart in which customers can buy products. We’ll walk you through the process of setting up safe checkout systems and data storage.

Definitely! In fact, many of our clients come to us with a site that needs a face lift. You’ll get a free site evaluation and then it will get the TLC it needs to shine.

Yes. Once our job is done, we transfer all ownership over to you. You can even have a copy of the site so that your own team can build off what has been created.

Of course. As a web design service for small businesses, we keep you involved at every stage of the web design process. Graphics, setups, content, images will all be submitted to get a thumbs up from your team before we move on to the next stage..