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What does the term user experience mean?

UX is all about usability – the user experience. It means that visitors to your website, stay longer, have an easier journey to find what they want, don’t have to wonder what a cryptic heading means – it’s all intuitive and seamless.

Good user centred design is invisible – your website visitor just sails through their journey on your site. Bad UX is frustrating, irritating and people don’t stay around for long enough to understand what’s on offer.

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Prioritise Usability and Engagement

Does your site have a rich user experience UX?

You need your website to be agile, responsive, and centered around the expectations of your visitor – and potential customer. Our team transforms ordinary websites into interactive platforms that capture users’ attention – and nurture it into revenue.

We look at everything from your site’s architecture, aesthetic design and overall flow. Each aspect must meet your users’ needs. Our UX design company specialisesin helping clients to understand exactly what those needs are.

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The UX design improvement proces

Learn about your users

Before anything is altered on your current website, we’ll do in-depth research. This is done using a combination of usability testing, surveys, and analytics to understand exactly how to iron out the bumps in your website visitor’s journey.

Define your solutions

With a clear idea of your target users, the next step is to create a plan. The UX user interface designs aims to blend functionality with creative design. This ensure there are no barriers between your message and your website visitor.

The perfect design

A wireframe (a map) that’s designed by UX professionals and rooted in research is the first step to a user centred design. From there, user journeys are applied to engineer a site architecture that functions without a hitch.

Test and troubleshoot

Every design is thoroughly tested. Your site will be put through the wringer, to check for any signs of difficulty or delays that will slow your website vistor down in the search for information.

The launch

When your site has been through every possible test and is ready to launch, all it needs is your approval. Nothing goes live until you say so!

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Top quality user-experiences

Here’s are the options:

User research

A UX design is only as strong as its analysis. Understanding user preferences, expectations and habits is an essential aspect of creating a successful website.

Website organisation

Everything – from information categorisation to site structure – must fit into a well-designed architecture. Our team improves search systems, labelling, and other organisational elements to make it easy for users to navigate your website.

Design aesthetics

This is the fun stuff: your site’s colour, content, interactive designs, buttons, and more. A great design should appear effortless to the untrained eye – but our experts know what really goes into stellar UX visual design.

Website usability

Your site should be straightforward and streamlined – any confusion detracts from the user experience design. Well-designed websites funnel visitors directly to their end goals, without losing them along the way.

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Why choose our UX agency?

  • You’ll find we listen to your problems and ideas first, before starting work.
  • Each of our UX strategies is specifically tailored to your needs.
  • Your site won’t be launched until you’re totally satisfied.
  • You’ll get a partner, not just a supplier, your best interests are what guides our actions.
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UX is shorthand for user experience. This is how your users interact with your business online. The better your UX is, the better people perceive your brand, products, and services.

Definitely not. UX design companies that apply the same strategy to every site miss the key elements of the process. UX strategy should always include your project and brand goals.

User-centered website designs focus on what users really want, from start to finish. Every aspect of your website is tailored to make life seamless for the visitor, this includes how the site is arranged, navigation, loading times, location of information and more.

Although the two are similar, they are not the same. UX design is about the user’s experience as they actively engage with your site. UI is what makes your site look nice. Together, UX and UI can create a website that’s perfectly in tune with your users’ desires.