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Your free SEO audit give you a comprehensive website analysis.

You’ll discover the current state of your search engine optimisation (SEO) and this will give you the starting point to achieve better search engine results and more traffic.

Free SEO Audit

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SEO may be complicated, but signing up for your free audit isn’t!

Talk to us about boosting rankings and getting your site to rank much higher in search engine results. The audit will:

  • Highlight website errors
  • Opportunities you can leverage,
  • Insights into what’s working and what isn’t, so you can continuously improve.
Free SEO Audit

How the Free SEO Audit process works

Your search engine optimisation campaign is aimed at delivering long-term and tangible results. This is the process we’ll work through:

Look at the big picture

The audit examines your website as a whole. It explores every aspect of your site’s navigation, looking for glaring issues that need to be addressed ASAP.

Check internal links

Internal links are powerful, but only when used correctly. Your website audit scans for any errors in links and streamlines your site’s architecture.

Measure speed

Slow loading speeds kill user experiences – and SEO rankings. The audit discovers what’s holding your site back from delivery what your visitors want, instantly.

Test mobile usability

Google now indexes mobile versions of sites ahead of desktop versions. Websites need to render properly on mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets. The audit will assess mobile usability, as well as appearance.

Look at organic search presence

Measuring something is the only way to improve. You’ll get clear pointers on how your site can grow its organic search presence over time.

Rate content quality

From your image sizes to the type of blog posts you’re publishing, every aspect will be put under the microscope. Content is king – but only when it’s treated like royalty! You’ll get lots of tips on how to improve its quality – and your SEO.

Free SEO Audit

Important aspects of your Free SEO Audit Report

Here’s are the options:

Keyword analysis

Your current keywords will be reviewed by specialists and you’ll get suggestions for improvement. Working with you to identify more effective keywords and remove any that are holding you back.

Backlink checks

Broken, illegitimate links that are compromising your SEO success will be rooted out. Unhealthy backlinks will be replaced with stronger, more beneficial links.

Assess rankings

How is your brand appearing in the search engine results pages? Your current rankings will be analysed to determine the steps that will improve them quickly.

Competitive research

Your website will be subject to in-depth intelligence work. Competitors sites will be reviewed to find better keywords and links. Knowing who you’re up against is a big part of improving your SEO tactics.

Free SEO Audit

Why choose Foretell Digital?

  • You’ll never be pressured you to take bold steps after the audit.
  • You’ll get logical, actionable recommendations.
  • Hundreds of website data points are checked during the analysis.
Free SEO Audit
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A worthwhile SEO audit looks for technical issues, poor website structure, off and on-page SEO problems, and user experience disruptions. Your free SEO audit will give you recommendations to help close content gaps and compete with your rivals.

At least once a year, in our opinion. A lot changes in 12 months – it’s vital that you regularly check up on your SEO strategies and success.

This answer depends on your site, but typically, your free SEO audit takes a couple of weeks. It takes time to dive into your website and root out SEO issues. If anyone tells you they can perform an SEO audit in less than a week, they’re not digging deep enough.

Ours is totally free! However, if you want a super in-depth audit that covers more technical details, you’re likely to encounter high prices.

Yes. Your audit will look at your keywords to identify which are under-performing or too hard to rank with.

Definitely! As your website is analysed, new strategies for generating leads will be revealed. Talk to us today to learn how you can get more organic traffic and beat your competitors to the business.