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What do people say about you? How do you stay in control of your reputation? Your reputation is in safe hands with Foretell Digital’s reputation management services.

If you want to establish and develop a flawless, recognisable identity within your industry, we’ll make your digital reputation sparkle.

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Influence what people say about you

As a reputation management company, you’ll get a positive spin on any negative content while promoting your positive brand image. With a buffer against attacks on your reputation, you’re not a silent bystander – you’re in the driver’s seat with our expert team as your navigator.

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Polish your brand’s reputation


Not all reputation management strategies look alike. Depending on your unique circumstances and goals, you’ll get a specific strategy with achievable objectives crafted to meet your goals.


Content is king, and kings hold power. You’ll get positive content that spins negative comments and doubts into threads of gold. When you give people something to talk about, it’ll only improve your reputation.


Positive content will be distributed across the web – strategically. You can leave it to us to pick the right publishing platforms.


You can rely on us to spot negative results, and handle them quickly. No damaging comment is left unattended, and positive sentiment is responded to and engaged with..


As an online reputation management agency, our work is never really done. Your brand’s performance will be monitored to ensure your strategies are working. Then content can be tweaked to improve results month on month.

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Your brand reputation is improved by

Here’s are the options:

Automated responses to customers

Timing is essential when it comes to interacting with angry customers. A bad review is a small flame that can transform into a wildfire if left unattended. Acting as your reputation management team we’ll respond to brand comments swiftly and thoroughly.

Sharing positive reviews

You want everyone to hear the great news: your brand is awesome. As your reputation management experts we’ll share positive reviews and comments to build respect for your brand across the web.

Increased transparency

To encourage customers to trust your brand, your content will profile your company ethos and beliefs. Let’s get to the heart of your company and give you the respect and trust you deserve.

Boost online endorsements

Whether you’re endorsed by an Instagram influencer or another expert in your field, spreading the word will give your reputation a shine.

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Why choose us to care for your reputation?

  • Your reputation reflects on ours. We won’t settle for anything less than stellar.
  • Your reputation strategy reaches far beyond tomorrow – we plan for one, two, and five+ years into the future.
  • Your reputation management plan is fully customised to your brand, your company and your goals.
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Your brand’s online reputation is an amalgamation of many different social components: review sites, blog comments, social media tags, references, etc. You need to identify which links and comments represent you well – and which don’t.

There are different strategies and tactics that go into bettering an online reputation – and all start with facilitating a positive brand image. This can be done through creating quality content, putting out the right messages, and improving your SEO ranking.

This answer can vary dramatically, depending on the circumstances. Shortcuts, such as paid apps, often don’t improve results. Normally, you’ll need to take a year or more to cultivate the reputation you want.

Although it is possible to delete negative reviews, it might not be the best strategy. Our reputation management services team recommends responding to negative comments with civility and dedication to customer success. This allows you to transform a damaging situation into a positive one.

Search engines want to share sites with good reputations. Trustworthy, well-known (and liked) brands are far more common in search results than brands with poor online reputations.