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Paid advertising is one of the best ways to reach your target audience fast. It makes sure people who are searching for what you do, find you on googles results pages. It can bring hot leads flowing to your business.

You’ll be working with an experienced Pay Per Click (PPC) company based in London and Chelmsford, Essex. We have expertise in building PPC campaigns for a wide range of industries. This includes retail, professional and financial services, software and app development and estate agents, among many others. Your campaign will be focused on delivering top quality leads of people that are ready to buy. 

Your advertisement campaign will include the latest keyword research, review of online trends, and focus on your specific consumer. No matter how challenging and competitive your niche is, we’ll deliver the best return on your ad spend.  

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Your top ranking Bing, Instagram and Facebook Advertising Agency in London

Pay Per Click works on Google, and paid advertising services can also be applied on Bing, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. Targeting different audiences across a variety of channels helps you get the best return on investment and cost per click. It also offers more flexibility when targeting your ideal customers.  

e-Commerce PPC allows you to focus on ads where products like yours get noticed. This audience will already be actively searching to buy a product like yours, making converting them a lot easier. That’s why highly targeted shopping ads on eBay and Google Shopping are becoming increasingly popular.

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How your PPC Marketing Strategy works


Pay per click strategies are based on in-depth research. Whilst many agencies focus only on keyword research, we also study your current PPC activity. This detailed research helps us to come up with a well-rounded, paid advertising strategy that is more likely to succeed.

Keyword Analysis

Thorough keyword analysis, puts our PPC agency ahead of the rest. Your PPC management is based on analysis of your existing keywords, along with the words that are currently trending. 

Your adverts will be created to reach the people who are interested. This will give you incoming traffic and reduces the amount advertisers pay.

Creating Advertisements

The next stage is to create engaging and relevant search ads. These are tested and honed to ensure they have maximum impact. We ensure they rank so that your customers can’t miss seeing what’s on offer.

Creating Landing Pages

Landing pages play a critical role in converting a lead into a customer. Each of your paid campaigns will have a suitable landing page. This helps to funnel customers direct to the information they want.

Monitoring and Revising

A successful campaign is one that constantly changes and adapts. Each of your PPC campaigns is monitored and optimised in real-time using tools like ad groups and ad extensions. This ensures it continues to deliver high ad ranks and strong leads.


You’ll get regular reports on your PPC ads.  This will show the updates to your campaigns and the performance of your PPC.

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Our products and services

We can improve your return on ad spend

Google Ads Management & revisions

Creation and ongoing management of your Google Ads account, including ongoing changes to ensure your account performs at its best.

Bing Ads Management & revisions

As the closest competing search engine to Google, Bing is a platform worth targeting. We ensure that your ads and account are getting top level results.

Reporting & Analytics

Reporting and analytics are crucial to successful google adwords campaigns. Improvement relies on current data and you can be sure we keep yours right up-to-date.

Remarketing Campaigns

Relevant and highly bespoke ad campaigns to increase your conversions will be launched to target visitors to your website.

Social Media PPC Management

Creating e-commerce PPC campaigns across channels, including Google Shopping and eBay, will put your offers right where people are looking.

E-Commerce PPC

We manage image ads campaigns across a variety of social media channels. This will engage, inform and build a strong audience of interested customers.

Display & Video Campaigns

Premium content improves ad engagement. Your campaign will include images, graphics and  videos to make your high quality scored ads stand out from the rest!

Optimised Landing Pages

Design and creation of landing pages tailored to your PPC and sales strategies will convert as much traffic as possible.

AD Text Copywriting

Creating powerful copy is key to creating great ads. All our ads are carefully composed by experienced in-house copywriters.

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Why choose Foretell Digital

  • Your PPC campaigns will produce tangible results
  • Your campaigns will be based on the latest keyword analytics and methods
  • You’ll get everything you need to help convert more targeted prospects
  • Your PPC advertising can be integrated with other digital marketing strategies
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Unlike most other marketing strategies, PPC campaigns are data driven. You can see which ads work and what needs tweaking. This allows your campaign to meet customer demands and connects you with your prospects instantly.

This depends on a variety of factors, including your niche, keywords, bidding competition, target audience, and advertisement quality. Every campaign is bespoke and costed individually.

You should certainly consider other channels, traffic from channels like Bing, Instagram, Facebook and LinedIn will extend your reach.

When a user searches for your chosen keywords, Google ranks the results on each ad’s bid, quality and relevance. The best ads appear first, which means they are likely to get more web traffic.

Yes. Foretell Digital is a PPC marketing agency serving businesses located across UK and globally. 

Yes. Research has proved time and again that paid advertisement works, offering your business more leads immediately.