Web Hosting in London – Reliable and hassle-free

There are thousands of web hosting service providers , but not all of them deliver reliable services.

If you’re looking for a reliable web host, you’ll find that you’ll get not only a stable and consistent web hosting service, but also continuous support to ensure any minor glitches are fixed fast.

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Real-time monitoring for high website performance

Web hosting shouldn’t be a hands-off service. The best websites benefit from long-term care and continuous monitoring. You can choose between self-managed, partially managed, or fully managed hosting plans to fit your needs and budget.

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What you’ll get from our web hosting company


Your hosting provider has a huge impact on your site’s speed. You’ll be guaranteed efficiency and fast loading to give your site users what they’re looking for quickly. High-performing navigation instantly takes them where they want to go.


Downtime equals lost revenue, and that doesn’t make for happy clients. All of our hosted sites benefit from maximum levels of up-time. Servers that go down and interrupt customer experiences damage your reputation and ours.


As your site grows and changes, so do our web hosting services. You’ll find it easy as your website evolves over time. Start with basic hosting services and bandwidth levels, then progress to more powerful solutions as your site grows in popularity.

E-commerce solutions

Your online store can be set up, secure and flexible to give your customers a streamlined service. You’ll get e-commerce hosting with SSL encryption, high levels of bandwidth, and speedy checkout services.

Flexible pricing

Why pay for more than what you actually use? You can scale your server resources as necessary. We’re here to make your paid services efficient, not wasteful.

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Hosting services include:

Here’s are the options:

Standard DDoS Protection

Designed to stop the strongest attacks, your DDoS Protection Service rebuffs even the most hardy hackers.

A backup drive

Data loss isn’t an option. The multiple backups of your site will ensure continuous up-time.

Dedicated IP addresses

A dedicated IP address means you get your own SSL certificates. It means you get better service for your website – and safer user experiences.

Advanced security

Your site is protected with the latest security solutions. This means we’re proactive to anticipate and prevent threats.

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Why choose us?

  • Your hosting plan will be designed specifically to meet your unique needs.
  • You’ll get more than hosting, our aim is to help you to grow your business.
  • Your success is our success – we’re on the same team.
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When you rent a space on a server for your website, and it takes up bandwidth, it’s referred to as web hosting. You can host for free or pay for a service. When you pay, you receive full control over all of your site’s content – there are no ads or other distractions.

No. Everything will be switched to your new host seamlessly, without affecting your domain name.

Absolutely not. There will be no ads on your site unless you put them there.

This depends on the plan you select. Book a free consultation to discuss what your website requires and what kind of plan you’ll benefit from the most.

Sites require different bandwidth levels depending on the data they’re transferring, the types of files being hosted, and how many users visit. Book your free chat to explore what your website needs..

Yes. We take cybersecurity very seriously – free hosting services won’t add extra layers of protection, but our web hosting services will.