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Search Engine Optimisation is one of those phrases that makes people worry.  

Is my site going to get found?

What are the right keywords for me?

Are they what people are really looking for?

How long will they be effective for?

Your web page alone isn’t enough – you need traffic to generate enquiries. To get traffic you need to be visible when they search for companies like yours.

Good quality content, with the right words and phrases in the hands of experts will make you stand out from the crowd when google ranks you.

You need carefully planned and expertly designed search engine optimisation (SEO) to increase your search visibility.

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Nothing but the best SEO in Essex

Don’t compromise on cheap SEO services, they’ll end up costing you more for poor results. When you hire our team, you can be sure you’ll get results. 

Let’s not confuse you with lots of technical jargon (title tags, meta descriptions and internal linking anyone!) although we’re happy to explain if you’d like to know the details. 

You can be confident that you’re getting a bespoke, personalised service that gets your pages a great search engine result. 

As a leading Digital Marketing company in the United Kingdom, we make it a point to work with you rather than work for you. 

That’s why our checklist has three simple goals

  • Get more traffic, leads & sales for your business
  • Appear at the top of searches in Google & Bing
  • Reduce the cost of acquiring new customers with organic results.
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How does the SEO process work?

Your search engine optimisation campaign is aimed at delivering long-term and tangible results. This is the process we’ll work through:

Identify your needs

Your SEO strategy is part of your overall business strategy, so you’ll want to get the best possible return on your investment. That means our first step is to understand your business and we’ll carry out a detailed audit of your website as part of that. We research and analyse your business, your target audience, and your industry to ensure that you get the results you want.

Create your search strategy

When we’ve established where you are now – how your website ranks on the search engines, our experts will put together a comprehensive plan, keeping both short and long-term goals in mind. These will include identifying where there are gaps in your website content, where you may be missing opportunities.

Execution and monitoring

Our keyword research will form the basis for making your website highly visible in searches for what you offer. Then ongoing monitoring and adjustment will keep you at the top of the rankings, even when the algorithms change. Tracking of local and national search results will put you one step ahead of your competitors’ in searches.

Results and realignment

When you need to create content to improve results we can help with that. You’ll also get weekly and monthly progress reports. Our Chelmsford and London teams will realign your strategy based on the result pages of tracked Web and mobile searches.

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SEO services in Essex, UK and worldwide

Social media is fun but search engines work. Whether you want to get your brand in front of a local, national or worldwide target audience, you can choose from a selection of services and get the right piece of content. Here’s are the options:

Local SEO

  • Best suited for businesses with a physical location or customers in an area (locality).
  • Extremely useful in targeting a local audience.

Mobile SEO

  • Attract the mobile audience.
  • Critical for businesses where mobile web traffic is the key.

Website SEO

  • SEO for websites, especially new ones, to help show up in search results.
  • Complete SEO optimisation service to target various key words and phrases.

International SEO

  • Reach an international audience with confidence.
  • Grow your brand overseas.

SEO Audit

  • A complete audit of your profile across your digital footprint.
  • Identify previously untapped link building opportunities.

eCommerce SEO

  • Putting your online products right where people see them.
  • Improve your listing and reach your target audience with our ecommerce optimisation.
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Why Us

  • Your search visibility is our top priority
  • You’ll get results that last
  • The overall footprint of your website will get attention
  • You’ll be kept in the loop with insights and reports
  • Technical optimisation at its best, with pages linked, high quality anchor text and focused meta tags
  • No gimmicks, no hidden costs, no costly contracts
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It’s a means of making your website highly visible for specific key terms so that your site gets more traffic and generates more enquiries.

Costs vary from project to project. You will get a customised quote once we have carried out an analysis of your needs and outlined a proposed SEO strategy. One thing you can be sure of is that our costs will always be competitive.

Organic search is a long-term haul, and it is evolving fast. The search engines’ algorithms change frequently, what works today may not work next week. That means it’s important to keep updating your research and strategy. Many people see SEO as a bit of a black art – it’s technical and complex, that’s why it’s smart to have experts helping you to succeed.

Organic SEO takes time. There are many ranking factors (including your existing SEO strength, market conditions, and consumer demographics) that will affect the results. When we’ve done an audit and developed a strategy, you’ll get more of an idea of how the process works and what kind of results you might get.