High quality leads in your target market with LinkedIn lead generation

LinkedIn: A powerful B2B networking tool

The ultimate goal of any organisation, whether small or big, is to generate more business leads than their competitors. However, not many business owners have the slightest idea of how and where to begin their online lead generation process.

One of the best social media platforms to get business leads is LinkedIn. However, it remains mostly unexplored. This is due to a confusion of how to make it part of a marketing strategy and misconceptions about the platform.

For example, many small businesses think that this platform is too small or has no regular users. In reality, LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network. It has nearly 690+ million users in more than 200 countries and territories worldwide. The platform boasts more than 50 million company/business profiles. Professionals are joining the network at a rate of more than three new members per second.

If you are not using LinkedIn, you are losing a considerable amount of business to your competitors.

So, how do you get more leads into your sales funnel using this platform?

Here are a few tips that can help.

Start by Optimising Your Profile

LinkedIn is a professional social media network where your profile essentially represents your brand. So, the first thing you need to do is to check and optimise your profile. 

A critical aspect of your profile is to appear on the Web and LinkedIn search results. In other words, you need to consider including the most relevant and useful keywords in your profile information.

Of course, no one is asking you to stuff your profile with keywords. For example, if you are a digital marketing agency or digital marketing services in your profile naturally. 

As this is a hangout place for professionals, you can think of using industry specific or even technical terms as keywords. Adding the location can also help you show up in local searches, especially if your services are locally available. So, “lead generation service” becomes “lead generation service in London.” 

You also need to take care of the basics, including your profile photo, headline, and URL. Use a high-quality professional headshot and customise the URL by using your complete name if necessary. 

Make sure to add the most critical keywords naturally in your headline. You also need to be sure that your LinkedIn profile is consistent with all your social media profiles.

Finally, be sure to update any information related to your company or professional life regularly.

Create Your LinkedIn Lead Generation List

Simultaneously, you also need to start building your LinkedIn lead generation list in your niche market. However, first, you need to decide what you want your prospects to do. Naturally, you want them to buy your product or services in the end. 

But, what is the first step you would like them to take after they have engaged with your content? 

  • Download a FREE E-BOOK or subscribe to your email list/newsletter
  • Call your sales team. 
  • Download a brochure.

Depending on the answers to these questions, your LinkedIn lead generation goal will change. This, in turn, will define which contacts you can include as prospects in your list. Once you have established your goals, the next step is to discover the potential leads. 

If you opt for a sales navigator account. (a paid service from LinkedIn).

Searches for prospects becomes easy.

You can use the “search for people with filters” feature to create a list of your potential leads. You can find the leads based on various filters. This includes location, past and current companies, keywords, connections, schools, and non-profit interests, among others. 

After you have made a list, you can start reaching out to your potential leads. It is best to connect with a personal message to each contact. You will need to get creative as there is a 300-character limit to write your message. 

However, it is better to take a look at each prospect’s profile before connecting. It will help you craft a message that truly resonates with them. 

Use LinkedIn Lead Generation Tools

Optimising your profile, publishing content and connecting with groups can help you get new leads. B2B marketers are using LinkedIn lead generation tools to supercharge the process. 

With such a tool, you can enjoy several benefits that will make your marketing efforts highly efficient. We have clients who are able to contac 45 decision makers in a day,. Thats 5 days a week and they are getting results unheard of with an equivalent spend in Google Pay Per Click (PPC).

Here are a few advantages.

  • One of the most significant advantages is complete automation. It comes with auto-mailing, auto responder and automatic profile visiting capabilities. As a result, you can focus on your core business responsibilities
  • You can also create customised message templates and email offers with this lead nurturing tool. Sending customised messages and invitation can increase the chances of getting more business leads.
  • You can build use our software for generating high quality leads if you set the right parameters. That, in turn, can help you convert more leads into sales, and probably loyal customers. 
  • You can get hundreds of endorsements from different LinkedIn members, offering a substantial boost to your profile. You will also be able to endorse your contacts automatically, hoping they would return the favour. 
  • You can identify and list the most promising leads into groups. You can also send unique sales offers, newsletters, and other promotional content to these contacts.
  •  It has built-in analytics that can help you analyse your LinkedIn lead generation strategy regularly to make it more efficient. 
  •   Finally, with such a tool, you can create lead generation funnels of your own, without intersecting any of your sales campaigns

How we can help

Our lead generation agency is focused on finding the best matches for your business and getting you connected to your customer base. For business to business (B2B) LinkedIn is ideal. Its populated with educated people who are ready to buy.  

You can maximise your presence by using our sophisticated market segmentation software that starts building relationships with potential clients – all on autopilot.

This service takes the legwork for you or your sales team. We can help by finding and establishing the early stages of connecting and nurturing to produce real results with high quality leads.  

Why choose us as your LinkedIn Marketing Company?  

  • Unique software to reach millions of professionals without contravening LinkedIn regulations.  
  • Dedicated to growing your brand by establishing strong relationships.  
  • A full service to upgrade your profile and make you visible as a specialist in your field.

How we work

The LinkedIn platform provides direct access to high-quality prospects. Our team work to establish your ideal contacts. Then the system will connect you with these candidates based on your brand’s size, industry, personality and more.

Its a strategy that pulls in more leads naturally. All the while creating a strong presence for you so you make a great impression.  


Most of our clients are looking for LinkedIn B2B lead generation. However, LinkedIn marketing can also be powerful for B2C companies and personal LinkedIn accounts. Talk to our representatives to learn more.

LinkedIn’s sales Navigator account options allow you to narrow down your marketing scope. This can be based on job titles, age, fields of study, industry, location, and dozens of other factors.

For each selection, you can check up to 100 options for extremely focused marketing.  This works in tandem with the unique software we use to take the legwork out of making and establishing the right connections.

LinkedIn doesn’t just have millions of viewers – it’s a platform that encourages businesses to share well-written, valuable information. LinkedIn users are seeking new opportunities. Presenting them with superior content is an excellent way to snag their attention.

LinkedIn ranks highly on search engines due to the high level of usage it gets hourly.

LinkedIn is the only social media platform that is, first and foremost, aimed at business.  Members expect to be talking business – not just finding new friends. Marketing on this platform requires a different approach.

Absolutely; that’s why our LinkedIn lead generation experts create unique content specifically geared toward your target audience on the site.

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