5 Tips For Getting More LinkedIn Leads

Everyone that’s anyone in the business world today seems to be on LinkedIn. And, if you aren’t yet, you should be. LinkedIn is one of the best ways for small to medium and enterprise level businesses to generate more leads and referrals. But what if you are on LinkedIn and you aren’t generating new leads and referrals? Then what?

There are many ways to increase your LinkedIn leads and we are going to take a look at some of them now. Let’s get started:

5 Tips For Using LinkedIn To Prospect More Effectively

Digitise Your Marketing- prepare a digital version of your 30-Second Commercial and include that text in your LinkedIn profile. This will give prospective leads even more to think about when considering your business. Experts say that if this isn’t on your LinkedIn profile, you could be at a competitive disadvantage.

Add Connections To Your Network- many LinkedIn users often overlook this feature and it doesn’t take very much time or effort to utilise properly. Every working day click the “connect” button on the “People You May Know” list that LinkedIn posts in your feed. This will broaden your network and make you known as someone who broadens their network, which is just as important.

Only “Connect” To People You Actually Know- be sure that you are connecting only with people that you know and ask for introductions to people you don’t know.

Build Out Your Lead List- spend some time every day investigating the connections of your contacts to see who you would like to meet. Start with the “Recommendations” first as they are most likely the strongest relationships of the LinkedIn user you are viewing.

Use A Lead Generation Tool- a lead generation tool will help you generate the most amount of qualified LinkedIn leads in the least amount of time possible. ForeTell Digital provides an effective tool that is not only easy to use, but fully scalable and affordable. In fact, ForeTell Digital’s lead generation tool is the most effective way to generate leads on LinkedIn and has helped businesses throughout the UK grow their brand and create long term sustainability.

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